Govenment Orders and Circulars for Captive Elephants

Preventing illegal transfer of captive elephants (Circular No. 5/2019 dt. 28-8-19)
Transporting of Captive Elephants timing
Kerala Captive Elephants (Management & Maintenance)Rules, 2012
Forest & Wildelife Department-directions related to parading of elephants in festivals- regading (2853/D2/2013/Forest dt. 20-3-2013)
Circular : Alarming rate of death of Captive Elephants in Kerala - Ensuring proper management and welfare of Captive Eplephants-Expert Committee Recommendation
Circular : Captive Elephants Monitoring twice in month ( Circular 7/2018)
Circular : Captive Elephants Monitaring twice in month ( Circular 5/2018)
Circular : Prevention of Cruelty to Captive Elephants - lmplementation of provisions in the Kerala Captive Elephants (Management & Maintenance)Rules, 2012
Circular : Thrissur Pooram festival 2018- Instructions for elephant procession
Circular : Guidliness for elephant procession in festivals
Instructions for Trimming